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Wobble In Thr Dark (ng Edit) Wobble In Thr Dark (ng Edit)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I'm not sure what got me the most, but I'm really diggin' the whole piece XD.
Here's the breakdown:

PROS ||||||||||
1. Superb use of reverb on snare. I like to do that myself and your execution fits perfectly throughout the composition giving an excellent counterbalance to the tightness of the rest.
2. Teriffic arrangement. Almost as a good action movie. The layering is greatly done with no over the tops and the action just keeps on going and going. The squiggly shiggly thingy adds a whole other drivin' dimension an gives additional stability to the piece's skeleton. All breakdowns work perfectly - You can feel the attention to detail and balance. Admirable stuff. Bravo!
3. I'm going to listen to this again at home on much better headphones than these shitty things I have at work, but I already sense this sense of balance as in the arrangement. Nothing is drilling my brain and gives me a headache (as most tunes on NG do, unfortunately) but the power and groove are there. I could almost eat the goodness emanating from the beat, bass and, well, all other things... (0:28 to 0:29 gets me all gnhhhhrgjhnnnnn:D))))))
4. As far as melody and harmony are concerned, not only that I don't have any complaints, but I've got to say you truly nailed it there (at least for what I'm concerned). You manage to say so much with so little and that's one of my favorite traits in an artist of any kind/genre. Also a honorable mention goes to the change at 2:58. Like an anagram... saying something else with the same letters. Once again, Bravo !
5. Although I'm not a big fan of fadeouts, you somehow managed to make the one at the ending working perfectly. Now I couldn't imagine it not ending with a fadeout.

CONS ||||||||||
Shizz... I've got to put something here...wait...wait...there's got to be something...AHA!
1. If I have to nitpick, it would be the square synth in the beginning. I'd tweak that a bit ;)

Overall a perfect tune, no messing around, nice and tight, with an excellent arrangement, story, great sound choise, solid mixing, well, all is goooood.

5/5, 10/10, faved song, faved artist, respect and a bow.

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[S_Rock] Killed'em [S_Rock] Killed'em

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This piece really has that something something. The strings melody is my favorite part. The beat does an excellent job holding the theme together.
The sound is perfect imho in the sense that it really set the wanted mood. It's coherent and in the long run makes perfect sense, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

I like the drama, the flow and the emotion arising from this tune. That's an A from me and faved.

Cheerz :)

S-Rock responds:

Much Appreciated :D

electronica like stuff electronica like stuff

Rated 5 / 5 stars

exactly my cup of tea :D

Please. please, please, go and finish this off... I'm toroughly enjoyng the distorted glitchy groove. Love it. The piano thing is just glued there ad hoc I have the feelin' but hey, the groove kicks serious butt. XD

combatplayer responds:

thanks man... ill hale a look on it at some point but im not sure when itll be

..::Twas High As Hell::.. ..::Twas High As Hell::..

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice intro...

...and there is definitely something funny in here. Some melodies and harmonies sound a bit off to me. Out of tune in a couple of places.

4/4 8/10

RaveRunner responds:

nope its in just sounds off... ive been toying with a kind of using newgrounds as an apparatus for feed back of certain sounds funny...but not off XDDDDD

Summer hip hop beat Summer hip hop beat

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Funk-a-tastic !!!

Srsly... solid as shizz. Highly moody and entertaining. Excellent backdrop for anything reminiscent of '70ies afros and gas-guzzling pimped out with fluffy dice hanging from the review mirror type of cars.

I think this is really good work. The arrangement is so good at not overdoing with anything but keeping a nice steady flow and setting the mood right.


julessmokespot responds:

thnx man! Its exactley what I wanted to create, atrack that's ideal for cruisin in a pimped out lowrider and bouncin on the beat.

Cryllium [dj-Smilee] Cryllium [dj-Smilee]

Rated 4 / 5 stars

rav3shaw has a point...

...what he wanted to say it's that you should pay more attention to your filter/modulation sweeps. There are times where the filtering in combination with high resonance makes the sound go trough frequencies (low-mids especially) that actually cause a bit of pain to the ears. I also like the muddy filtered sound, but you have to be very careful with those and compensate with better resonace and eq settings accordingly.

On the other note, the arrangement and melodies are solid. Nothing is overdone in the rythm part. I maybe miss a bit more gain to the kick and hh's.

Here's a 4/4 8/10 from me.
Cheerz & keep going and improving.

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dj-Smilee responds:

Thanks for your input. More gain added on kicks and hats :)

[NN] - Universal Paradigm [NN] - Universal Paradigm

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice Nine, I mean Line...

You just keep this in a drawer somewhere and integrate it in a full piece one day, ok?

Keep experimenting and learning XD

|_+_prolonged decisions_+_| |_+_prolonged decisions_+_|

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You're really 16? You've got talent man. Great sound and mix, no complaints there. Badass filtering too. I'd really like to hear this tune lift off the ground and made in a complete song, it sounds as a GREAT intro to a GREAT song.

Nice work. Keep it up...

tigger888 responds:

Thanks man! The reason i don't continue some of my tunes is because i am scared of getting too repetative and boring the audiance, ie you. But with this kind of encouragement i will gladly continue it and take a leap of faith xD

So far, No good So far, No good

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Signs of true ROCK !!!

Great guitar licks & chops. You've got soul man, and that's what matters. I felt the emotion trough and trough. A true rock song, no more no less (and it even loops nicely :D). I don't particularly miss the drums (although it would sound more complete, but hey, I don't really care) so here you go: 5/5

Cheerz, and keep writin'n'playin' \m/

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ShanZE responds:

Yeah it does loop actually :D thank you for those words, i think i was actually pissed-off enough to pull this off without even trying since i wrote and recorded the whole song in one day. i was writing the lyrics at work while having a terrible hangover and i had just skipped one day because of the same reason. i was having lots of problems and when i got home and started playing my guitar the song just appeared and hit me straight in the face with a ten-ton fuckin' fist! i'm glad you like it, i even like this myself and this time around believing in myself was finally worth it! drums someday. more music soon, somehow.

Noisebringer - Void [WIP] Noisebringer - Void [WIP]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

dj-Smilee said it right...

...and I agree. Great work!

I'd just like to add one thing: I don't think the piano sounds bad at all. I think what's missing could be some orchestral strings i the background from 1:08 to 1:36. It would hold the piano nicely and give it greater purpose IMHO, but that's just a subjective opinion.

Anyway 5/5 from me. Keep it up (and wrap it up too...)

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